About harm reduction academy

The Harm Reduction Academy brings together experts on smoking addiction from different European countries. We believe that this is the right time to find new ways to inspire people to stop smoking. Our approach is to meet smokers where they spend most of their time – at their workplace! And we try to help them there. We inform them about the risks and provide potential solutions and alternatives. We do so in collaboration with employers. We strongly believe that a good employer cares for the health of his employees.

Apart from the conventional ways of fighting the addiction, based on psychosocial intervention and education, the “Harm Reduction” concept is crucial for us. Drawing upon a significant and solid research, our experts do believe that access to a less harmful alternative to tobacco and nicotine products can help those who are addicted to stop smoking for good. Hence, offering lower-risk products is the core of our therapeutic approach.

Tailor-made smoking cessation programs are not the only activity we do. Together with prevention, education and awareness rising, we also want to implement a state-of-the-art research projects which would generate fresh insights and important data about the effectiveness of the harm-reduction interventions.

We are more than convinced that through the evidence-based research we will be able, in the near future, to facilitate even more effective help for those who really need it.

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