PhDr. Ladislav Csémy, psychologist

Researcher in epidemiology, addictions and social psychiatry at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Dr. Csémy graduated from Psychology at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague. For a long time, he has been working at NIHM as the Head of the Centre for Epidemiological and Clinical Research on Addictions. 

His professional interests include psychological and social-medical aspects of addictive behaviour, psychiatric epidemiology and psychology of health. Dr. Csémy frequently publishes articles in international as well as domestic expert journals. 

Dr. Csémy contributed to more than ten monographs and has worked on a number of research studies and community-based prevention projects. In the past, he received the professor Vladimir Vondracek’s National Psychiatric Award for his research work.



Gordana Joksić Ph.D., biologist

Research fellow at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences at the University of Belgrade, specializing in radio-biology and genetic toxicology. Gordana was the first to characterize the role of mitochondrial superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) in modulation of radio sensitivity, providing thus an experimental evidence that MnSOD determines the relative biological activity of protons.

In recent years, the center of her scientific interest has shifted towards research of substances with radio-protective and anti-mutagenic properties with a potential medical use. As the principal researcher of the Vinča Institute in Belgrade, Dr. Joksić currently coordinates a project aimed at analyzing the molecular mechanisms of the radio-sensitivity of the human genome.

Gordana Joksić holds the master’s and Ph.D. degree in biology from the University of Belgrade. She cooperates with the University of Bologna (ITA), University of Brunel (UK) and Friedrich Schiller Universität in Jena, Germany. She published 70 scientific papers and supervised 12 doctoral theses in the field of radiation biology and genetics toxicology.


Univ. Doz. Dr., Ernest Groman, doctor

Univ. Doz. Dr. Ernest Groman is a Scientific Director of the Nicotine Institute in Vienna. In the past, he worked for the Public Health Center (Institute of Social Medicine of the University of Vienna). Since 2002, he has been involved in the development and implementation of smoking cessation programs in Lower Austria. His scientific activities and intervention projects have covered more than 76 cities in Lower Austria with a combined population of around 1.6 million people. 

Doc. Groman also worked as a Scientific Advisor to the Austrian government, the Austrian Pharmaceutical Chamber, and the Austrian smoking cessation hotline. He represented Austria as a delegate to the WHO in the context of the negotiations on the Global Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Ernest Groman graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna. In his habilitation procedure, he specialized in tobacco and public health issues. In this area, he wrote  more than 100 professional articles and a co-authored several books.

Advisory Board

Doc. MUDr. Viktor Mravčík, Ph.D., doctor

Doc. MUDr. Viktor Mravčík, Ph.D., is the Head of the National Monitoring Center for Drugs and Addictions (NMS) in Prague. He participated in many international projects concerning drug policies and drug monitoring. He has a rich experience with educational activities with his peers from countries which either prepares for monitoring standards of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction (EMCDDA) or wants to deepen their competence in this area.

Doc. Mravcik teaches methodology and drug epidemiology at the Department of Addictology of the First Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University in Prague. He is also a research associate of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMN) and a member of the board of the doctoral program in addictology at the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. 

Moreover, Doc. Mravcik is a member of the Committee on Addictive Diseases of the Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyne , member of the editorial board of the Journal on Addictology and the winner of the award of the Journal of Czech Physicians for the best work in 2010. Last but not least, he received the Josef Skala’s award for his publication activities in the field of addictology in 2017. 

Prof. MUDr. Eva Králíková, CSc., doctor

Prof. MUDr. Eva Kralikova, CSc. has been involved in epidemiology, prevention and treatment of tobacco dependence for nearly 30 years. Currently,  she is a teacher at the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague and at the General University Hospital in Prague. 

Prof. Kralikova leads the Centre for Tobacco Addicted at the Third Internal Clinic of the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. She is also chairwoman of the Society for the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction (see: