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Smoking addiction in the Czech Republic

2 million

Nearly 2 million adult Czechs smoke.

30% of smokers

30 % of smokers try to quit smoking every year. Less than 1 % manage to stop for good.

1 percent

Permanently, less than 1 % percent succeeds.

16 thousand

16 thousand people die of smoking-related diseases every year.


The best recommendation is a reference

Dependence on tobacco is not a bad habit. It is a disease – a diagnosis F17. Effective therapy does exist. As it goes with all diseases, it should be offered and made available for smokers as well.

Prof. MUDr. Eva Králíková, CSc.

It‘s clear that the transition to a less risky usage of nicotine leads to strongly positive impacts in an individual as well as the population health.

Doc. MUDr. Viktor Mravčík, Ph.D.

Smoking is harmful also to people who enjoy it.

Prof. MUDr. Cyril Höschl DrSc. FRCPsych

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